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Ask questions - the Authors and Community respond

We asked ourselves, why do we not combine the reliability of PDFs with the interactivity of the world wide web to advance science? So we decided to revolutionize publications by making them interactive & social. We call it "collaborative annotation". Ask questions, share your knowledge and let's build an archive of scientific discussions. And the best: We'll invite the authors to join you too.

Manage & Share your Documents in Groups

Resembling the organic structure of the global research community, we designed Groups Pages that allow you to collect your discussions in one place. If you are running a Journal Club or Seminar, choose the public option and your discussions will be shared with the rest of the world. Choose the private option, e.g. for a class or research group, and only groups members will have access to your files and discussions.

Import from arXiv and Pubmed

During the past decade more and more Open Access journals around the world have sprung up. This changes the way in which modern research is being conducted and will inevitable open up science. With Open Rev., we leverage Open Access and demonstrate its full power. Just use our search and import any paper from arXiv and PubMed.
When you upload copyrighted material into public groups, your peers will have always access to the comments, no matter if they have access to the paper or not.

Latex, Sketches, Images, and Cross-Referencing

To support your comments and replies you can upload images as well as draw little sketches via an online tool. Additionally, you can include Latex to easily render your formulas as well as use markdown code to structure your text. The power of cross referencing allows you to include references within your text like never before. By simply copy/pasting some code into your comments, we will automatically create a link for you, that takes you to the specific, highlighted section within any other paper on Open Review.

HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

We strive to offer the newest and best in terms of web technologies. By using HTML5, CSS3 and various Open Source jQuery libraries we manage to create the Open Review experience you will come to love! Just in case some of our code is so new that you are having trouble viewing our site, then please update your browser :-)

For Programmers - API

Of course it is very important for us to share everything we have. In the spirit of Open Access we are therefore going to offer an extensive API so that developers can profit even more from Open Review. In the meantime, we offer a convienient paper-widget, which can be embedded on any of your webpages via simple copy-paste.

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